The Trailhead - A Greater Impact

The Trailhead – A Greater Impact

You have heard us talk about the Trailhead for a long time now. You have seen the concept drawings in our theatre, read about it online, and even contributed to the cause. I am pleased to tell you that we are close to making this a reality. Very close.

IndyFringe has just received a major gift from the Nina Mason Pulliam Trust which brings us $100,000 closer to breaking ground on the Trailhead. Your support and enthusiasm has been the driving force behind the Capital Campaign so far. Without it, we would never be in the running for such major grants.

I am also pleased to announce that every dollar raised between now and the end of July will be matched by a grant from Herbert Simon Family Foundation.   

As you know, in 2012 IndyFringe bought the building at 719E St Clair Street.  A generous grant from the city then allowed us to rebuild the adjacent alley and install parking, all to ADA specifications. The City of Indianapolis has been supportive and generous in providing this grant which gives us the beautiful and functional green space adjacent to the theatre. However, this grant came with a price: IndyFringe Theatre historic building must be ADA compliant by 2014.

With the additional funds we have received from Nina Mason Pulliam Trust as well as the Herbert Simon Foundation matching grant, we are closer than ever before to making this a reality. However, we only have six months to raise the rest of the funds needed to make the entire building ADA accessible or be closed down.

Concept drawing of the Trailhead including additional venue.

Concept drawing of the Trailhead including additional venue.

The Trailhead will provide more than just accessibility. The current theatre is now fully booked on a consistent basis. Demand for the kind of low cost low risk performance space that IndyFringe provides has never been higher. The Trailhead will also allow us to build and operate a second space for rehearsals, events, meetings, and performances.

Think of all the performers and organizations that could benefit from this! Last year we were able to return $148,000 directly back to performers. With an additional space, we can return even more and give more performers the financial incentive and creative outlet to remain in Indy. This is the next step for us in our goal of continuing the growth in the arts community.

The Trailhead will provide:

  • An elevator which will provide access to the existing theater, basement and second floor. 
  • Performer Green Room and Backstage access
  • Public Restrooms for theatre audiences and users of The Cultural Trail
  • Additional rehearsal and meeting space
  • An opportunity to engage the community with a new public space and public amenities

In 2014 IndyFringe celebrates its tenth anniversary, and we could think of no more fitting way to celebrate that achievement than by opening The Trailhead – a legacy of IndyFringe which provides access and amenities for the entire community.

Between now and July 31, all contributions to the Trailhead Capital Campaign will be generously matched by the Herbert Simon Foundation. There has never been a better time to contribute. If you are in a position to even give $1 to the cause, IndyFringe, our artists, and I will be eternally grateful. We will also be offering lots of sponsorship opportunities. You could have your name immortalized on a Green Room, a lighting instrument, or even a bathroom!

I have included a link to Donate below. If you are financially able, I hope you consider helping us in our mission to assist developing artists. If you are interested in a major gift or a sponsorship, please contact me directly at